Who pays for Hospice?

Hospice care is a free benefit of Medicare.  Hospice care through HPC is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and most private insurances.

Medicare.  If the terminally ill patient is a Medicare beneficiary, hospice is a covered benefit under Part A.  All other Medicare services continue under Parts A & B, including those of the person’s attending physician. Hospice payments do not interfere with any other Medicare payments for other illnesses, diseases or care. Hospice agencies listed in Hospice Directory.org  indicates if the agency is Medicare certified.

Medicaid / MO Health Net.  Nearly all states and the District of Columbia offer hospice coverage under Medicaid/ Mo Health Net. In general, Medicaid/ Mo Health Net hospice benefits parallel the Medicare/ Mo Health Net benefit, although there are variations among states. Hospices listed in the Hospice Directory.org will indicate if they are Medicaid/ Mo Health Net certified.
Private Insurance.  Most insurance plans issued by employers and many managed care plans offer a hospice benefit. In most cases, the coverage is similar to the Medicare benefit, although there are variations among commercial plans.

Veterans Benfits - Tricare.  Tricare is the health benefits program for military personnel and retirees. Hospice is a fully covered benefit under TRICARE. Only Medicare-certified hospices can provide for TRICARE hospice patients, therefore it is important that patients and family check with their Health Benefit Advisor or Health Care Finder to help them locate a qualified hospice agency.

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