Hospice Team

Patient’s physician collaborates with the HPC Team to provide and coordinate patient care.

Medical Director (HPC Physician) ensures the patient receives excellent medical care andeffective palliative care from the HPC Team. They do not replace your physician.

Hospice Nurses provide skilled nursing care to the patient and collaborate with your physician and the hospice team.

Social Workers provide social and psychological support to families as they navigate the financial and family challenges that occur when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness. They also assist patients and families in preparing Advanced Directives.

Hospice Aides provide personal care for the patient including bathing, oral care, nail care, foot care, skin care, dressing, feeding and homemaker services.

Chaplains provide a wide range of spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families, for all denominations. The chaplain does not replace your minister.

Bereavement Coordinators provide emotional support to family members before their loved one dies and for a minimum for one year after, through home visits and phone calls.

Trained Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks from running errands for the family to staying with the patient while you, the caregiver, take a much needed break.

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